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SECULIFE | ST Safety Testers for IEC 60601 and IEC 62353

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Benefits: All safety relevant, characteristic electrical values can be measured and documented for portable and stationary medical devices with the menu-driven SECULIFE|ST (GERMANY) and you even have the choice between fully automated or manual test sequences.

The SECULIFE|ST(GERMANY) detects mains supply power, safety class and any mains connection errors at the device under test. The test sequence is significantly simplified by means of the automatic mode:

  • Select a regulation.
  • Press the start key.
  • Read the results.

Complete function tests can be also conducted with mains power for powerful, large devices with the integrated test socket.

The SECULIFE|ST (GERMANY) is equipped with an operator safety switch. The SECULIFE|ST (GERMANY) is the only measuring instrument available on the market which has been designed to test medical devices operated with 3-phase electrical current. AT3-IIIE and AT3-IIS 3-phase current adapters can be furnished to this end as optional accessories.

Possible areas of use and measurements performed with the SECULIFE|ST (GERMANY) are expanded with numerous multimeter functions. The performance of individually configured single measurements is thus made possible.

As a standard feature, the SECULIFE|ST (GERMANY) is equipped with an RS 232 port for transferring measurement and test reports to a PC or a printer.

The instrument can be optionally expanded to include a printer-memory-interface with GOSSEN METRAWATT’s external (P)Si module. The SECULIFE|ST (GERMANY) is compatible with PS 3, GMST, visualFM, Fundamed, MD Data, PC doc Word/Excel, PC doc Access other software.


  • Protective conductor resistance with 200 mA and 10 A or (25 A test current – option)
  • Insulation resistance
  • Earth leakage current
  • Touch current (device leakage current)
  • Patient leakage current, AC and DC
  • Patient auxiliary current
  • Equivalent leakage current procedure
  • Direct measurement
  • Differential current measurement
  • Up to 10 applied parts can be connected (2 mm) and individually assigned to groups
  • Internal memory for 125 tests
  • RS 232 port
  • Mains connection for 110 V / 60 Hz, 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Comprehensive accessories for testing 3-phase devices
  • Safety for the inspector in the event of mains faults or excessive residual current due to mains power shutdown
  • High-voltage test (option)

SECULIFE | SR Safety Tester for IEC 62353 Including Test Sequence Generator

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Benefits: Safety relevant, characteristic electrical quantities can be accurately measured at medical and other electrical devices and documented with the SECULIFE | SR (GERMANY). During the course of routine daily work, the SECULIFE | SR (GERMANY) is distinguished by streamlined, time-saving test sequences: select the measurement, press the start key, read the results. The SECULIFE | SR (GERMANY) can be operated in two different modes, depending upon the measuring task.

Local: Measurements are controlled using the user interface at the measuring instrument.
Remote: Control from a PC is also possible. ETC software with integrated test sequence generator for creating your own test sequences is included in the scope of delivery free of charge. The user is also able to integrate all measurements into his user interface at the PC. The SECULIFE | SR (GERMANY) has an approximate weight of only 1.8 kg, and can be easily transported. The SECULIFE | SR (GERMANY) is compatible with PS 3, visualFM and Fundamed.

Measurement of the following values in accordance with applicable regulations:

  • Protective conductor resistance
  • Insulation resistance
  • Device leakage current
  • Touch current
  • Patient leakage current, AC and DC

Measuring methods for leakage current:

  • Equivalent leakage current measurement
  • Direct measurement
  • Differential current measurement

Electrical safety testing:

  • Periodic testing per DIN VDE 0701-0702
  • Electrical medical devices per IEC 62353 and DIN VDE 0751

SECULIFE | SB Safety Tester for IEC 62353 Including Database

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Benefits: The SECULIFE | SB (GERMANY) provides medical technicians with the opportunity of completing tasks as efficiently as possible. The various test and measuring procedures can be individually adapted to the requirements specified in applicable medical device user regulations.

All of the data which are relevant for the hospital or medical practice can be saved to the instrument, and are always available on-site. All required electrical tests in accordance with IEC 62353 can be executed with theSECULIFE | SB (GERMANY).

Data for several thousand medical devices can be saved to theSECULIFE | SB (GERMANY). The instrument is LAN compatible. Thanks to its open software interface, theSECULIFE | SB (GERMANY) is compatible with programs such as PS 3 and visualFM. Data can be exchanged with many other applications such as Fundamed and SAP by means of XML export.


  • Predefined, standardized test steps and test sequences
  • Individualized test steps and test sequences
  • Suitable for use by trained persons
  • External sensors can be connected via the USB port, e.g. for temperature, atmospheric humidity and luminous intensity
  • Data storage for more than 2000 medical devices
  • Data entry with softkeys or external keyboard
  • List generator for the evaluation of stored object data
  • 4-port USB hub for connecting PC, printers and sensors
  • USB, CF connection for data exchange
  • RS 232 port
  • Battery and mains operation


SECULIFE | IP Test Instrument

Type Article


Test Instrument for Protective Measures for Electrical Systems in Medical Technology

The SECULIFE | IP (GERMANY) is capable of executing all measurements for testing the effectiveness of safety measures in medical electrical systems in accordance with IEC 60364-6 / DIN VDE 0100-600 / DIN VDE 0105-100, and as specified in the individual sections of EN61557 / VDE 0413. And thus it’s ideally suited for approval testing and periodic testing of stationary electrical installations. Thanks to measuring category IV, the SECULIFE | IP (GERMANY) provides the user with maximum possible safety.

In electrical systems and especially in the field of medical technology, insulation resistance is an important quantity with regard to personal safety and fire prevention. Testing of insulation monitoring devices used to this end in ungrounded systems (IT systems) is one of the primary capabilities of the new SECULIFE | IP (GERMANY).

Whether it’s used in private, commercial or industrial objects – the SECULIFE | IP (GERMANY) assures the user that his installation complies with all applicable regulations, and that it functions reliably.

And of course test results for up to 50,000 measuring points can be transferred to a PC and documented in detail as substantiation of correct installation.

In actual practice, the SECULIFE | IP (GERMANY) is distinguished by extremely easy operation and a great variety of tests: its advanced technical concept is consistently aligned to electrical engineering tasks encountered on a daily basis. In addition to basic standard tests, the instrument also offers numerous additional measuring and test functions for subjecting installations to the acid test, which provide highly accurate results.

A special advantage of the SECULIFE | IP (GERMANY) is its intelligent, ergonomic design.

Control is simple and safe, and data can be conveniently read from the large illuminated display. An extensive range of accessories offers the right connection options for every task.

The SECULIFE | IP (GERMANY) is setting new standards where time savings, safety and convenience are concerned: A combination of innovative design and an ergonomic operating concept make it the ideal companion for any electrician. Test sequences can be edited, changed and expanded. Previously created test sequences can also be cloned, allowing for the use of identical sequences at several test instruments.

The SECULIFE | IP (GERMANY) test instrument is equipped with an integrated Bluetooth interface. Various device functions can be addressed via this interface.

Amongst other things, users can read the current system structure in and out at a tablet PC or a smartphone with the Android operating system and use the keyboard mode, as well as set up and manage structures with the help of the free ProfiScan app.

Tests and measurements can be conducted with the instrument in all alternating and 3-phase electrical systems with voltages from 65 to 500 V and frequencies of 15.4 to 420 Hz.


  • Bidirectional data exchange via USB port
  • Connection of an RFID reader or a barcode scanner
  • Including ETC software (Electrical Testing Center)
  • Testing of RCD types A, AC, B, B+, EV, S and G/R, as well as PRCD types S and K
  • Measurements in IT systems, ZL-N
  • Testing of insulation monitoring devices (IMDs)
  • Measurement of earthing resistance
  • Leakage current measurement per IEC 62353 (medical) with PRO-AB adapter
  • Bluetooth interface for ProfiScan app



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